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Photos by Andrew Snelling Five images of samples from the ventilation shaft.At top, is fossil wood in basalt that includes—from left to right—basalt, wood and siltstone.

When Pumkin was spitting on New York and the sound effects were cued for Hottie batting her eyelashes, weren’t those the days?It’s been years since these ladies vied for the attention of the pint-sized rapper Flavor Flav on VH1’s answer to the bachelor, The Flavor of Love but that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering what happened to all the gals.As the station sinks into frigid waters, those alive ...See full summary » The film follows John Crenshaw as he accompanies his girlfriend and her students on a weekend nature-photography expedition deep into the woods. See full summary » When an unprecedented amount of sinkholes erupt all over Florida, a new nest of fire spitting LAVALANTULAS is awakened...She emerges on the day that Uku becomes extinct, but her face is turned away and she cannot see him.

Uku sinks fully into the ocean, heartbroken, but revives when he hears Lele singing his song to him.Click through our gallery to see what the ladies are up to and look like now and relive the infamous spit moment between New York and Pumkin in the video below. For the couple with a healthy sense of humor, we have cards just for your type of marriage!When you're sent to investigate a volcano, it seems like a lot of fun! With no way to escape the island, there's only one way to stop the volcano: Windows users: Download folder. Inside, run Volcano_of_to play Mac Users: Download folder. I also hope i pick the right route this time with the stalker girl i mean she made the most sense obviously with her "expert knowledge on volcano", was sort of tempted to go with the guy but don't tell Kelly that she may kill me.The next image (below left) is of charred fossil wood; and beside that is intact fossil wood (Note biro gives size perspective).