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Kelly ultimately decided to turn her interest in writing into a degree, and received her B. In 1994, when her first son Ashton went off to Kindergarten, she wrote a poem on a small slip of paper and tucked it in his lunchbox.

She continued the tradition daily for years, and eventually packaged the poems in books called on hold for a few years while she raised her children as a single parent, and pursued other interests. She wrote technical manuals, training classes, and lots of poetry.

In general the only men searching in the over-50 range are the ones who are over 60.

To all of the men and women out there who are lying about their age on their profiles, know this: if there’s one thing most people are looking for in a relationship it’s honesty and integrity, and you just blew it.

So if age is really just a number, why do so many people lie about it?

Middle aged women lie about their age because most middle aged men won’t date someone their age or older. Men lie so the younger women will find them when they search the dating sites.

I have been approached by many singles who ask me what the algorithm is to finding love.

At the end of the day, your dating experience has than finding that other person. Show me some of it.” Me: “Later.” Can you find someone at any stage in dating? But it wasn’t until this past week that we came up with the perfect analogy for our unsuccessful dating histories.Test driving Volvos when you want to buy a Ferrari. It’s a sturdy, stable, reliable car, but there’s really nothing extraordinary about it. There are plenty of people who want to drive a Volvo, and plenty of people who want to drive a Ferrari. The Tesla is a one-of-kind car, a unique driving experience, and very adventurous. Maybe a few games have been run on you (or you’ve run them). It is one of the most peculiar of destinations, since that it not where you had set out to go to begin with. columnist Margie Boulé called Kelly Jo Horton, “the most popular writer you’ve never heard of.” Kelly has been writing poetry and short stories for as long as she can remember.