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The very structure of television demands that the drama keeps on coming, that any respite is only temporary, that there is a villain waiting in the wings even during the moments of our sweetest triumphs.In that way, television provides a more accurate mirror of life than film, its most common object of comparison.

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31: 16,854 visits Record-Breaking Weekly: Nominations for the 2007 officers of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S. officerships are as follows: (A) Vice-President, (B) Treasurer, (C) Recording Secretary, (D) Corresponding Secretary, (E) Financial Secretary, (F) Ambassador and (G) Ambassadress. Said nominees may speak at this meeting on their (a) related qualifications, (b) relevant experiences; and/or (c) community interests prior to any balloting. members and Friends-of-SVA in good standing shall be conducted by a non-SVA member. Special appreciation to all of the thoughtful public officials who kindly sent Christmas holiday cards, letters or e-mails to the STONEWALL Veterans' Association.

The charming restaurant is the SVA-advertiser Cafe Bruxelles at 118 Greenwich Avenue at the corner of West 13th Street -- conveniently down the block from the Gay Center.

Somebody’s gonna have to fire up the old Go Fund Me!

Or wait, scratch that, because Go Fund Me doesn’t like bigots who break the law no more, SADFACE.

She was cutting just to make herself feel something, anything. She offered her both literal and figurative salves for her wounds. He told his sister this because he had to tell someone and she told us for the same reason, and we have all been feeling like we need to say something, but we keep closing our mouths, because how can words, flimsy as paper, do anything to heal these wounds? What can we do against the hate and mistrust that is killing people and making enemies of friends? Stories are how our hearts learn to accept the fundamental humanity of people very different from ourselves.

Fortunately for us, Allie is a romantic in the absolute best tradition, with a heart like a phoenix. Last week I walked around my neighborhood with my sister and we tried to digest the things our friend told us.

President is always elected in mid-year June.) Any nominee must be present at this S. Said candidates must be: (1) nominated; (2) seconded; and (3) thirded by different S.